How be a DJ part 2. Crowd participant

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Crowd participant


I believe one of the greatest things you can do before you go out and purchase the expensive equipment u will need is to be a conscious crowd participant. What I mean is to go out and have fun but instead of losing yourself in the moment, you will be observant of the crowd’s reactions to the DJ. Now don’t get caught up in who the DJ is or be over critical of them either. It’s just and honest observation. Listen to what if anything that the crowds says about them. This is the best way to get an honest impression of what people enjoy and why.  So your homework will to just go out to the club then go out to parties outside the club. See how club djs play different than a mobile dj.

See how people expect different music from the two. I remember I went to a birthday party and the DJ was a club DJ. He had been spinning for a while and was great technically.  He was given the wrong information about what to play at the party. The agent who booked him didn’t tell him who all was going to be there so his playlist was the same from the club he DJ’d at.  Needless to say he ended up bombing bad so much so the music was stopped and the party became a social gathering. I will get deeper about what happened to him in a different article but for now.

This is what the crowd around me was saying.

“A DJ is supposed to have everything people want to hear” “he not even mixing right”. I sat there and watched and listened all night. I noticed the bombing body language of the people and hoped that never happened to me. As a conscious crowd participant I got little insights on what people wanted. I also learned crowd reading responses. All the little things that you will never see as the DJ is always available to you as a crowd participant. The best thing that comes out of just being in the crowd enjoying yourself is you can hear what the DJ is doing right and maybe where they missed it a few times. This will go beautiful in planning your strategy for how you want to DJ.


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