How to be a DJ: Your first Gig

Your first Gig. 

Oh you have just got your first gig. You have been practicing in your basement. Perfectly constructing mixes for the enjoyment of your neighbors.  All of a sudden you get that phone call, text or email saying “Hey DJ Funk Nasty” “can you DJ a party for my mom for me”. She goes on to say that its her moms 50th birthday and that you will be a perfect fit. Welcome to the self employed, entrepreneurship, I get money for DJing club.


Preparing for your first Gig.

No problem here. I see that you are using your imagination about who will be at the party.  Realizing that since it’s Moms that means everybody will show up at this party. Moms love the kids so the children will be there. Moms sisters , friends and cousins have their nicest attire ironed and creased to perfection.  Moms brothers and his friends are at the liquor store getting the party favors.

The teenagers have invited a few of their friends that know moms because she has fed them over the years. Oooooh and I forgot that grandma and granddad will be there. Granddad loves “James Brown” and “the temptations””I know u wanna leave me but I refuse to let u go”.

Always ready 

preparing for your first gig

Who’s afraid Ha palllleeeeesse? You knew it would be a  variety of ages there. You prepared separate playlist for all the age groups.  Since you know that parties all have rhythms and at any time any one of the age groups can dominate the party. YOU ARE PREPARED !!!!!!!

Because you are prepared for any situation that may pop up. You are flowing in the mix in and out of age groups. Dropping hit after hit even got Granddad doing his best Temptations steps with his friends. Moms and the aunties wobbled and cupid shuffled so much they put their flats on.  The young kids danced to the latest dance song. The adults partied of the throwbacks you had lined up . The teenagers even had fun partying with the grown ups.


You are doing so good

When you look up and see all the people having a good time you notice someone in the audience looking at you. Oh its the woman who booked you to do the party. Oh and she is looking at you like this

Image result for im in love look

Thinking to herself how much she loves DJ Funk Nasty. You have just won a loyal client and a agent who will tell everyone about you.


BigTy I’m out


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