How to be a DJ: Music like food and I love food

Music is like food. 

music like food

There are times when you just want a certain kind of food. It goes well with the scenery or the weather. Here on the East coast it is freezing temperatures today. Most people love comfort food in the winter. It does something for them lol.

If DJs were chefs

Well in a way we are chefs. Instead of serving up food we serve up a healthy tray full of funk for ya. Riding this theme around the amusement park, its like funnel cake is good with roller coasters. Grill food loves the summer and spring. Whats a morning without eggs right? Ha

Order up.

Well its winter now and the comfort food of choice around my way is chili. People just love chili when it’s cold. Hey who am I to judge I am the chef right. Now lets say DJ’s are the chef. So a bad DJ wouldn’t know that the people wanted chili in the first place. They didn’t do their research.

A good DJ would know about the chili and have it served up hot for the people  boom “here is your chili”.

A great DJ would take that chili and remix the hell out of it.  Probably take some sour cream off the top and drop some cheese and paprika in it. You better believe it will not be regular chili, but it will be chili still.

music like food

The best of us. 

Would break down why people love Chili in the winter. They would dig deep into what is in the chili that gives good winter feelings. Not only that they would then reconstruct something base on their findings that may set the world on fire. They have just served a different dish but kept the comfort. No more chili in the world now. They have created something new.

Ha don’t believe it check out Kool Herc , Frankie Knuckles, Flash, all serving up something different after the break down.

Im out .


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