How to be a DJ part 6 – knowing your music

Know your music. 

Knowing your music is simple but needs some extra steps to complete. Take some time out to sit and listen to what you intend to mix. You will want to categorize songs by energy level and feel to them.

If you hear a hit song ask yourself “why is that a hit”?. You will want to break the song down to feel and energy level. At the time of writing this Bruno Mars 24 karat magic has been sweeping the nation.

As an example of what I am talking about I will go over this song. 

To gain some insight of why its a major hit and see some of its power.

Ok so right from the intro I can tell this is meant to be a party song. Now as a DJ its my job to see if it lives up to what the composers are trying to do. Hey we all know its a hit so here I go.

The intro comes in and raises the energy quickly then drops into the song. The song hits hard from the start with “Put your pink rings to the MOON” right as the beat comes in.

The song has a light and airy feeling to it.  Feels like you can just flow freely while listening. The lyrics are just enough for the playas & hustlers to be ok with it.  The delivery is  so good that you can just forget the lyrics and just move with it.

music power quote

My conclusion for this song 

Conclusion is it will be around for awhile on the older crowd circuit. Its nice and airy with no real feelings except fun. A nice tempo and good delivery for parties. The beat gets you moving as soon as it drops.

I do feel that the energy that I feel drops a little towards the middle of the song. I would keep that in mind if I played this for people. Songs like this are replaced constantly. Even if this song is not a hit it still has the power to give good feelings.

This song’s core power. 

A great ability to move people with its tempo. Great at giving good feelings and lifting moods.

Know your music by its energy. The reason why we will get into later or you may just stumble on it before I get to write the next post. Any rate take the time to study all of your music.

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