DJ Powers: The Line Dance

The true power of the line dance

All events outside the club that include a variety of ages will at some point do a line dance or group participation dance. As a DJ it took me a while to get to the point of being non judge mental about these dances. I was used to be upset that they would take all the hits and turn them into line dances. Its fine when every one in the event knows them but wastes the song when they don’t. They will spend the whole song  trying figure it out lol.

Well you know you will have to play that again right.

Line dance

The one thing Line dances do for people

Crowd participation dances is what some call them. That means that the dance floor is guaranteed to be packed. The dances usually have instructions to them so you don’t have to think once you get the steps down to the routine. One two three four five six seven and eight. Ok enough of the playing.

What is the real power of line dancing man c’mon lol

Here it is plain and simple. The dance floor is packed so no one is singled out and laughed at because of some old time dance moves. People have gotten a little older in age and in mind. There are a lot of old young people too. They haven’t really kept up with the dancing and may feel a little out of place on the dance floor.

The Line dances having the instructions to them that everyone follows is the answer to that dilemma for them.

So the true power of the line dance is “Protection and security”

Line dance

A line dance offers protection to those who are not secure in their 2 step game. It offers security in knowing that they will not be singled out.  Sort of like when people go the gym and feel people are looking at them. They feel more secure when it’s packed.

After the protection and security its just plain fun. Fun equals happy and happy equals laughter and laughter equals more enjoyment and just maybe after a couple of line dances and some drink insecurity flies out the window.  Now its a party. 

Line dance

So hey next time they are sitting in there chairs dancing and looking shy. Offer them some protection and drop in the wobble for the ladies.

Big Ty i’m out

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