How to be a DJ:Planning the day of the gig

How to be a DJ. 

Oh so you have your first gig scored. The night before the gig you have set up all of your equipment. Tested your system to make sure everything is working properly and get in some last minute practice.

The great thing about setting up the night before is when you take it down you can pack it up right then.  The best thing about that is everything you need is right there in one place.  You will have the confidence in knowing you have done everything before leaving the house. Well unlike leaving the iron on or something.

From experience I can tell you when you get to a gig,empty your bag and boom

DJ planning day gig

You have forgotten a connector, a cable, the microphone or the headphones.  If this do happen get on the phone quick and call somebody.

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Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!

Packing the car or truck. 

If you have sub woofers please pack those last so that they will be in the front when you unpack.  The laptop, controller, turntables never rides with the heavy equipment.  Keep them up close and personal with you and a nice seat belt arrangement for them. Packing the car will take around 30 mins to 1 hour depending on how much equipment you have. I like to pack before my shower just to stay fresh as possible. A dolly will be your best friend when unpacking at the gig.

On the way. 

Some of my mobile gigs are on the weekday and scheduled around rush hour. You will want to arrive as early as possible to your gig in case of an emergency. “you forgot something” . So you will need a GPS navigation services. Whether it’s waze , google maps or telenav pick the one you like. It makes a difference when navigating somewhere you have never been. They are priceless for avoiding rush hour traffic and making it to your gig on time.


Either they will be there when you arrive to let you in. Will meet you there when you arrive or will be late letting you in and starting the party. Either way you will be paid and you were on time. No sweat off your back. Hopefully you get there atleast 30mins before the schedule start if you have minimal equipment. An hour if you have the whole complete mobile setup. Oh the most important thing about time is that you will be in a different place and will have to adjust the way you setup from home. Factor that into the time then you are ready

djplanning first gig

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