How to be a DJ part 3- Social vs Party music

Chair dance or party music

It’s time to take a good hard look at the music you have. We usually turn to djing because we love music. We love listening to music and playing music and collecting music. We’ve got cds stored , vinyl collections and 100,000 mp3’s. One thing though, What kind of music do you have? I remember having 10,000 mp3 songs and 9,900 of them were what I call social songs. Social songs are the songs that sound good but you are just head nodding and chair dancing to them.

They go great in social settings like get together’s, and some cookouts and things like that. Nobody told me this first though. I started spinning at parties with social songs.  So guess what they head nodded and toe tapped and chair danced. The problem with social music was once they started to dance I still had head nodding music hahahahahaha. It’s nothing like getting the party started and the only thing you have left to play is a Hardcore gangsta rap song from the 90’s. Drop it in with your eyes close praying and only to open them and the girls are looking at you like this. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahha

WTF face

My point in this is just to get you to really take a hard look at the music you have and see if it really is party music or sit down get a drink and head nod music. I could never let you guys get your first gig and realize you have too much head nodd and no party.


Now party music on the other hand we all know it and we’ve all danced to it at times.  It’s the music that gets you up out your seat and hit the dancefloor with your best moves. Depending on the crowd party and social music and interchange but we will get into that later. For now check your millions of music and realize what you actually have and what you may need depending on the kind of Mobile spots your want to DJ at.



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