How to be a DJ part 5- buying the equipment

Buying the equipment: 

Wow so we’ve come to a turning point. No way back now beginning DJs. Once you’ve committed to spending money on equipment you are now becoming a professional DJ. The first thing you will have to decide is how you want to play the music. You’ve probably seen  a DJ rocking somewhere and said hey that looks easy enough.

Watch as he scroll through the laptop and changed the songs on a controller of some sort. Well one thing about this is if you have cds as you main source of music then they will have to be converted into wav or mp3 digital formats.  Most laptop will have this software installed on them but it will take some time to convert a cd collection to digital formats. If you have the time and the grind then get to ripping before you decide your next move. For those of you who has a lot digital music you will want to sort through them to see how much party music you have.


Streaming services.

If you have streaming subscription service you still will not be able to mix those songs from that service. I believe some subscription services are trying to change this but even then you will have to rely on having internet connection to do so.

Believe me some of the places a mobile DJ plays in will not have internet services so that is not a reliable option. The reliable option is to have all of your music on either your Laptop and an External Harddrive . I find that stripping your laptop of everything but DJ related stuff will perform better using the DJ software of your choice.  You will not have to eliminate all of your personal music from you catalog just find another place to store them from your DJ music. If you can get a separate hard drive to store any personal music you love.  Back to the party !!!!!!!

I know most people already have a laptop at their disposal but if you don’t you will have to get a mid grade laptop. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy you don’t have to go and buy the top of the line Mac book yet. I’ve always had a saying “to let the gigs determine and pay for your equipment”. I have no problem if you find yourself stepping up in a certain arena to upgrade your equipment. For starters though your budget is the most important thing now.


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