How to be a DJ part 5 – practice speakers

How to be a DJ part 5 – Practice speakers


To save you from the heartache that even the biggest name DJ has  get some inexpensive speakers to practice with.  There is a good chance that you will blow speakers. That chance raises higher if you are a drinker. The scenario is the same you have your setup in the basement or bedroom.

You are getting better at mixing and the music is sounding good to you and boom speaker static. Didn’t know you were in the red the whole time because all you want to do is turn it up. Turn down for what right? Hell no turn it down or get some practice speakers. The speakers are your money. Matter of fact all of your equipment is your money. I look at it as an investment. Trust me many DJ’s have a basement of blown speakers. To get around this just get a pair of practice speakers from somewhere. Play on your real speakers when you have a gig.

Showing DJ blown speakers

Your DJ pro speakers will be shoved in the your trunk and depending on the car your back seat. Try an get a mat or something so your speakers don’t move around. DJ pro speakers can and will fly around in your car or truck and depending on where the knobs are located  you can mess them up or short them out. If I load them in the backseat believe me they will be strapped in a seat belt like newborn babies.

Well newborns would be in a car seat but I’m sure you get my point.

You can ask many DJ’s around they will tell you about the sick feeling you will have after blowing your good speakers or messing them up during transport . Bungee cords are good to have as well. I believe I have some in the store but if not you can pick them any where.  You definitely will want to strap your dolly down to because that thing will fly around everywhere and knock up against all of your equipment.  I never put the laptop or controller in the back with the heavy stuff that usually rides up front with me. I will also hide the smaller speakers behind the sub woofers as the subs are heavy and tend not to move anywhere.

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