DJ powers: Nostalgia

What is Nostalgia?

My definition of nostalgia is a place and time where everything seemed perfect in my memories. It is a magical place where time itself has erased any stress or hardship from that time and left only the brightest shiniest smiles of all time. Its is a place that holds the most happiest memories I can think of.


Where does Nostalgia live?

In the minds of your crowd. Each person that you see at the wedding, The birthday party, the family or high school reunions all has some nostalgic moments in their heads. Most never know that they have associated music with those great moments in time. Nostalgia can be created in a person by a smell , something they see , and more importantly for us is music.


What does Nostalgia do?

Oh yeah now we are getting to the meat of it all and what it means for you the DJ. Nostalgia will take a person including us to a place of complete happiness that live in our head as the past BUT brings those feeling to the now where they are experienced.  So every thought of the past is always experienced in the present.

What is nostalgic for you may not be for the next person.

Yes you will have to do your research on this. Take into account the people you are DJIng for. The age group and when as a group did they have the most fun in their lives.  Maybe around 15 to 25 age and that’s just a guest but a good starting place.  So what brings out these emotions for me will not do it for a 60 year old or a 50 year old.

How and why use Nostalgia in my sets. 

What you are doing in your sets is periodically hitting through music and place in your crowds memory that the best times of their life exist. If you touch this the party or what ever you are DJing will get a serious boost in enjoyment. So what I am saying is if you drop that song from the past and it works. You are tapping into the best times in memories and bringing them out to have the best times in the present party.

How to use it.

As with all things but especially this do not overdue it. You will kill the power of it if overdone. You are working with memories and memories are not perfect. You are tapping into the emotion of those memories and not if they are accurate or not. So drop those songs in to your crowd around 3 times in your set when you need a boost of good times. The biggest things about these songs are they haven’t been heard by your audiences in a long time.

Their power lies in not being heard in a while and that is why they are associated with the past. To be clear you are dropping a song that will bring back the joy that some of your crowd felt when it was out. You are then relying on the fact that all moods are contagious. Armed with this knowledge you have created an overall atmosphere of awesome. Not only for the people  who are having the nostalgic moment but also the people who are witnessing them be taken back to such wonderful times.

Check out this clip from “alive inside”.  The producers are trying hard to figure out a little bit about this man in the films life. In a way they are DJs doing their research to see what songs they could play to touch the nostalgic part of him. Well they did a good job check it out for yourself.


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