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How to be a DJ – The beginning is the key

The beginning

I can believe that most DJ’s start off with the love of music first. Most of us sit around and listen to music all the time. I found myself always gravitating to where the music was being played. Whether it was changing the records for my father while he danced or pausing and playing cassette tapes for family parties. Then I had the fever so bad I bought a basic mixer for 20$ from the pawn shop then began mixing with 6 CD player on one side and a DVD  player on the other. The mixing was terrible but the fever was growing LOL. But because the mixing was terrible and parties still rocked I learned a few things later on. Oh the funniest thing is when I finally decided to use the Laptop to DJ I didn’t know anything about DJ software. I hooked the Laptop to the Mixer and on the other channel was the CD player lol.

I know terrible right but the love was still there and the parties was always live. Of course the parties at that time may be more nostalgic then anything. If I had recordings of the mixes I’m sure I would cringed and you would too lol. My point in all this is in order to be a DJ you don’t have to run out and automatically buy all the expensive equipment you can get your hands on. The first thing you can do is invest in a good attitude towards it. Majority of the time we all start off as mobile DJs which is just another way of saying you’re not DJing in a set club yet or ever it depends on your interest. I actually enjoy the Mobile scene a lot.

When you are on the mobile scene you are DJing for all ages.

Weddings that will be from age 20 and up. Family reunions and also high school reunions, House parties and cookouts etc. So let’s take a look at this. We have love for music right. We have good music and a lot of it that we want to share with the world right. Now go back and look at the Mobile scene and see how your music would fit with some of those crowds. This is one of the biggest reasons New DJ’s give up. They usually see the love they have and never take the time to understand that they will be of service to people. No need to spend a lot of money on DJ equipment to be in service to yourself unless that’s what you want to do. If you want to be in service of others take some time to think about it first. You may have to think about this mobile scene to see where you fit and then adjust your music from there.

Something to express

The first Grandmaster and mobile DJ – Grand master flowers

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